Granule to bigbag

Granule to bigbag

We are a vertically integrated production facility where extrusion, weaving and sewing operations are gathered together under the same roof. Our production which starts with the extrusion of PP raw material to PP yarn is carried out with latest technology computerized extruders, weaving machines and lamination lines.


Thanks to the vertical integration which allows us a complete control on each step of production, we can maintain our productivity, cost and quality wise and can avoid repair costs, return processes, technical hitches as well as quality concerns and sparing our sources to pricing, contractors and 3rd person vendors.   

All raw material used in our extrusion process are food approved.  We produce first quality flat or circular woven fabrics from PP yarns produced in uppermost quality extruders. The fabrics are then coated according to customer needs. Finally all components are brought together and the final product is given its shape according to the technical requirements of the big bag. Because of the variety in size, design and option, each big bag request follows a unique production path where different materials, proper production area and sewing techniques are used.

Our goal is to keep providing our customers the highest quality and latest technology products in our production facility of 45.000 square meter with our staff which consits of 900 blue- collar and 100 white-collar employees.

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