4 Loop  FIBCs  ( Bigbag )
  • 4 Loop  FIBCs  ( Bigbag )

4 Loop FIBCs ( Bigbag )

In 4 loop big bag production we have a wide range of products which can answer to all special requests of our customers. Our big bags keep various products produced in different industries from humidity, electrostatical hazards and external factors, elongate the shelf life and assure a safe storage and transportation with no loss of quality. While designing and manufacturing our big bags we prioritize safety as well as our customer’s demands and needs.  We provide different design options for different industries.

Standard big bag types are available for a loading capacity of 100 to 2500 kg and according the EN ISO 21898:2005 regulation can be manufactured as 5:1 (single use), 6:1 (multiple use) or UN (Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods) in conformity with the certificates issued by reputable international test houses.

According to the structure of the filled product,  LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PA, Aluminium or EVOH barrier liners can be used. Filling, discharging,  lifting and body accesories can be sized and shaped according to the customer’s demands.Bigbags conform to hot/cold filling of liquid, semi-solid and solid products can be designed and manufactured. Depending on the customer’s demands and conditions the bigbags can also be produced under clean room conditions.

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