PE films

    PE films


    At Cesur Packaging we can offer various solutions to your needs with liners manufactured  with different  structures and films such as LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, Aluminium, PA, conductive  and antistatic.

    Liner Types are:

    Bottle type liner : The bottle type liners are liners with top and bottom spouts produced with appropriate film types in respect to the size of the outer  4 loop or 1 & 2 loop bags . Bottle type liners ease the filling and discharging of the big bag and help protect the filled product against external factors.

    Gusseted and flat liner: These are cylindrical liners manufactured as monoblock with no filling or discharging spout, open at the top, either closed or open at the bottom.

    Baffle liner: These are liners that prevent bulging and protrusion of the FIBC from the pallet  and therefore occupy minimal space during the storage of goods which especially require gas barrier or protection against humidity.


    Depending on the requirements of the filled product the liners  can be manufactured

    • with oxygen and humidity barrier
    • as antistatic or conductive to prevent electrostatic accumulation
    • with high tensile strength
    • with high heat resistance
    • appropriate for solid, semi -iquid or liquid products
    • with UV protection and aroma control
    • under hygienic standarts
    • with valve equipment in various sizes and specialites
    •  appropriate for vacuuming.


    The advantages that the liners provide:

    • The multi layered structures provide perfect barrier and prolong the shelf life of the product under any given circumstance
    • The liners manufactured to answer the specific requirements of the given product increase the performance and always provide added value to the filled product.
    • The liners are shaped following the customer requirements and therefore ease the usage.



    • Powders
    • Granules
    • Chemical products
    • Agricultural products
    • Bulk products
    • Food products
    • Polymers
    • Hot filled products
    • Adhesive products
    • Hygroscopic products


     Liner Production:

    Custom made solutions:

    For 100% satisfaction of customer needs we provide manual labor for very specific products that can not be covered in our automatic production line.

    Fully automatic production:

    • 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional liners
    • Bottle type liner
    • Liners with wings
    • Gambo liners
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