UN FIBCs ( Bigbag )
  • UN FIBCs ( Bigbag )

UN FIBCs ( Bigbag )

National or international transportation of hazardous goods is regulated with UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods which aim to prevent possible accidents and consequent problems as well as to minimize the environmental effects.


In order to assure that the UN classified goods are safely transported and stored, we subject our UN Bags to related tests and provide our customers with certificates given by independent international test houses.


In respect to UN recommendations, we perform the following 6 tests in our inhouse test laboratory to verify the quality of the said bigbags:

  • Top lift test
  • Drop test
  • Topple test
  • Righting test
  • Stacking test
  • Tear test


All approved bigbags have a valid UN certificate and the certificate info is marked visibly on each bigbag.

Un big bags are classified as


13H1 – uncoated woven plastics- no liner

13H2 – coated woven plastics- no liner

13H3 – uncoated woven plastics- with liner

13H4 – coated woven plastics- with liner


These 4 classes are grouped under 3 different categories:

( Tote - Super Sack - Jumbo Sack - Bigbag )

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